Opus in Progressionem

Updates on music composition projects by Debra J. Lynn (ASCAP)



The Minstrel and the Duck

I have taken one brief excursion into the world of film scoring. Steve Leeper, of Veggie Tales fame, once taught in the Digital Media department at Huntington University, very near to my home. He approached me about providing a score... Continue Reading →


For Piano Duo I usually have a particular musician’s sound in mind when I compose. My aural model for this work is my dear friend and colleague (pictured with me above) Dr. Pamela Haynes. My favorite of Pam’s many strengths... Continue Reading →

We Shall Overcome

12 May 2020 Even Coronavirus can't stop Manchester University's A Cappella Choir from coming together virtually. Students in the choir perform "We Shall Overcome" in a special arrangement by Professor Debra Lynn. Typically a signature concert-ender for the choir, this... Continue Reading →

Conductor Memes

I started making these for my conducting class years ago and it became a thing... #conductormemesbydebra  


27-29 February 2020 Brilliant composer and drummer extraordinaire Stewart Copeland came to see some rehearsals and our collegiate premiere of his 5th opera "The Invention of Morel." Here are some fun photos from his visit.


Krzysztof Penderecki (1933-2020) It was, of course, a shock to people at the time; but, the tonality was always there, waiting to be revealed. Traveling, talking to people, and rehearsing, I’m always finding new ideas. If I stay in one... Continue Reading →

In Memoriam: Krzysztof Penderecki (1933-2020)

2 May 2020 On March 29, 2020 Krzysztof Penderecki passed away. I am not exaggerating when I say this man was like the Beethoven of the 20th century. He broke all the rules and forced us to consider all sound... Continue Reading →

Ode to Remote Music Students

27 April 2020 I created this little video (under 10 mins - linked below) in honor of College and University Music Students everywhere who are trying to prepare for upcoming remote juries courtesy of Coronavirus. These are strange times indeed... Continue Reading →


Joan Tower (b. 1938) We have a requirement in the conservatory at Bard that you have to take composition for at least one semester. And it’s a fantastic idea... because it opens up the players to being on the other... Continue Reading →

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