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Updates on music composition projects by Debra J. Lynn (ASCAP)


Thoughts on the Creative Process

Spaces: Creating an Atmosphere through Music

25 July 2020 Musicians have a rather unique relationship with sound. We are always keenly aware, I think. There's not really any such thing as "background noise." It all comes through loud and clear. I have a Synesthetic response to... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Synesthete

7 July 2020 Yes, I have synesthesia: a neurological condition in which stimuli experienced in one sensory pathway (such as sight) triggers an involuntary response through a different cognitive or sensory pathway (such as sound or smell). More specifically, I... Continue Reading →

Editing Music

9 June 2020 Most music publishers no longer provide editing services. Composers are now expected to create print-ready documents. This is no surprise since music notation software is easy to find -- and for the most part, these programs are... Continue Reading →

Challenging Myself

20 April 2020 All creatives have what I call "isms." These are idiosyncracies that naturally evolve or become apparent as one builds up a body of work. Each time we encounter a blank canvas, sheet of staff paper, or whatever... Continue Reading →

Composing in French

15 March 2020 Today, I began composing my first setting of a French poem: "Demain, des l'aube" by Victor Hugo. I've set lyrics in English and Latin before, but this is quite different. As a singer, I've had classes in... Continue Reading →

An Epiphany for Epiphany

Saving Jesus -- for cello and piano 28 December 2019 People sometimes ask me "How do you compose? What's your process?" I wish there were a simple answer to these questions, but unfortunately the process varies widely depending on the... Continue Reading →

Prepping a Composition Recital

20 February 2019 I'm currently preparing a composition recital for April 14th, 2019 and it's actually the first recital of this nature that I've put together. I've done voice and conducting recitals before, but never a recital featuring solely my... Continue Reading →

Fly on the Wall (via Skype)

3 November 2018 I had the pleasure of Skyping into a rehearsal for one of my compositions a few days ago. The musicians were four Indiana State University students who are preparing my saxophone quartet "Mechanical" for an upcoming performance.... Continue Reading →

Birdsong Research

21 September 2018 I've begun work on a newly commissioned piece for  the Canyon County High School Honor Choir of Nampa, Idaho. The lyric I've selected is this poem by Witter Bynner: The Robin Except within poetic pale    ... Continue Reading →

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